I love swoon-worthy heroes. The kind of heroes that are strong and would take a bullet for you, but also want to open your door and listen to you pour out your heart.


A good man trying to figure out his life's purpose. A beautiful woman, tryng to forget the ghosts from her past. Will a fake Christmas fiance ... turn real? As these beach friends find a way back to each other, they must learn to let go of what doesn’t matter and cling to the things of most value--family, love, and fun memories on the beach.

NEW Collection

★★ We LOVE to HATE them. But--We can't live WITHOUT them! ★★ 2 Stone Family Books included!

NEW 6 BOOK COLLECTION★★Taylor Hart's Favorites! Kindle All-star and USA Today best-selling author!
Books included:
Stone Family Inn
Stone Family Haven
Rule #1 Don’t Fall for Mr. Wrong
The Redeemed Groom
The Midnight Groom
The Undercover Groom

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