I love swoon-worthy heroes. The kind of heroes that are strong and would take a bullet for you, but also want to open your door and listen to you pour out your heart.


A man who has lost his purpose in life. The woman he refused to marry eight years ago. Will a dangerous stalker be the thing that brings them together?

When her life is put at risk for the final time, will she trust Kent, or will all of her vulnerabilities take them both down?


Nobody knew he was a Jagger ... He didn't even know until the attorney showed up. Until he was informed he could be a Billionaire. Until ... he was told he had to get married in a year to have any claim on the money!

Yet, when Mia Jagger shows up out of the blue and tells him she found out he's her brother ... and she wants him to be part of the Jagger Family... he's speechless! But the clock is ticking on the billions ... does he want to be part of this whole 'finding true love' thing or not?

NEW Collection

A sweet, cozy wedding to get lost in by best-selling author, Taylor Hart! 
The sound of the wedding march. The clink of pretty dishes. The sound of happy laughter. Come get lost in this collection today!

Books Included:
The Fake Fiancé Groom
Her Football Boss Fake Fiancé
Married by Christmas
Always Kiss Your Fake Christmas Boyfriend
Always Kiss Your Secret Wedding Date
A Christmas Wedding to Remember
Flirting with Your Ex-Best Friend Billionaire Fiancé

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