I love swoon-worthy heroes. The kind of heroes that are strong and would take a bullet for you, but also want to open your door and listen to you pour out your heart.


After the death of their father, six siblings are upset the family ranch in Wyoming was left solely to their oldest brother, Porter Cross. He's been on bad terms with the family for fifteen years and their father's wishes feel like a betrayal to the rest of the siblings. But the possibility of a cache of conquistador gold being stashed somewhere begins to unite them. The trickiest part of the whole situation is that Porter has to get married or the ranch will be lost to everyone.

NEW Collection

★★ 10 total books! The OMNIBUS Collection of Romance!
The Legendary Kent Brothers Plus the Awesome Brady Brothers! Romance at its' finest! ---Together ONLY IN THIS COLLECTION★★Sneak Peak of 3 Chapters of ... Not-Yet-Released ... Secret Undercover Vanlife Billionaire!


Included are 10 Sweet, Contemporary and Christian Romances. ★★ Get away from your life Romance by kindle all-star, Taylor Hart.

A note from the author--I love getting to the know the 'family' of each character because it affects the romance so much! That's why I'm including so many brothers in this collection; it's so much fun! Enjoy!

The Legendary Kent Brothers Collection Includes:
The Broken Warrior
The Redeemed Groom
The Fake Fiance Groom
Her Hollywood Fake Fiance
The Betting Groom

The Brady Brother Collection Includes:
The Good Groom
The No Regrets Groom
The Dancing Groom
Her Football Boss Fake Fiance

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